Information for authors

Arts & Cultural Studies Review is an open-access, peer-reviewed quarterly journal, and all published articles are available in print and online (through the WUJ/publisher website). It covers a variety of cultural studies’ approaches and perspectives, including cultural theory, critical theory, area studies, media studies, new media art, art theory and heritage studies among others. Arts & Cultural Studies Review uses following working languages: Polish and English.

All submitted papers (including reviews and interviews) are subject to double blind peer review.

  1. Authors should send their papers in the form of .doc or .odt files to our official e-mail address:
  2. Sending the file is tantamount to declaration that the paper is the original work that was not published before and is not being prepared for publication somewhere else.
  3. Editorial Office reserves its rights to shortcuts and changes in received papers (including titles).
  4. Paper should have an abstract (250 words), keywords, bibliography and also mailing address with e-mail included.
  5. Any illustrations (photographs, tables or figures) could be included in the paper, only if the author would provide written approval from the owner of the copyright to those illustrations.
  6. A paper should be written with Times New Roman 12 points for the main text (10 points for footnotes) and leading 1,5.
  7. A paper should be no longer than 40 000 signs (including spaces and footnotes).
  8. People mentioned in the main text (authors, creators, editors etc.) should be named by full name.
  9. Fragments of other publications should be marked in quotation marks (down and up). Cited text inside the citation should be marked with « ».
  10. All titles of books, films, artistic creations etc. should be written in italics in the main text.
  11. Titles of newspapers and journals should be written with straight font and quotation marks.
  12. All non-English words should be written in italics.
  13. If the author wants to highlight a part of a text, they should do it with a scattered font.

Please use the Chicago Style Notes and Bibliography System (with footnotes). You can find more information about Chicago Style here.